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You have a goal of being a successful business owner and seeing significant results in your business. One-to-One Coaching from your dedicated Accelerate ActionCOACH gives you the permission to focus and devote the time necessary to achieve measurable, long-lasting results in your business.

Can you answer “YES” to any of these statements?

  • 1. Your business is doing well but isn’t reaching its full potential.
  • 2. You’re ready to develop an amazing team around you.
  • 3. You want to rapidly expand your customer base and systematize the business.
  • 4. You need help increasing the value of your business in the marketplace.
  • 5. You’re determined to achieve significant change and growth in your business.

So, you answered “Yes” to one or more statements above. GREAT! You really want to move your business along and achieve realistic goals for the year! Let Accelerate ActionCOACH help with our personalized One-to-One coaching. It seems like your businesses may be already experiencing steady growth, and may have some really solid groundwork in place. Working with us will make a real difference to the value and the position of our client’s business in the marketplace.

Be warned! This is a life-changing decision.

This program is not for the faint hearted or the non-committed; it is for those business owners who are really willing to make a difference and are not afraid of taking on challenges. The One-to-One coaching program will introduce systems and performance standards that are key to achieving what you want from your business in the future. You will work on all areas of your business, and as your Coach, we hold you and your team accountable for improved effort and performance. We won’t let you get away with all those old habits that have been holding you and your business back. The program is customized to your specific goals and company situation.

In these weekly coaching sessions, we:


  • • Set short-term and long-term goals for your business and your employees
  • • Develop strategies to help get you there
  • • Implement strategies and coach you through the identified changes your business needs to make
  • • Hold you accountable and help measure success