6 Keys to a Winning Team

Teamwork is essential to a strong organization. When key employees come together to work towards common goals, everyone achieves more. Whether you are working to select the right new people for a leadership position, or your current leadership team just isn’t meshing, there are six elements that are important when creating a winning leadership team:

1. Strong Leadership

The first key to a winning team is strong leadership. A sports team is nothing without a coach. Similarly, an organization lacks direction without a leader. Strong leaders live and breath the values of the company, and influentially spread their passion to others. They encourage the cooperation of all team members. They embrace the vision of the company and work to engage and inspire those around them.

2. Common Goal

Once you have a strong leader that has the respect of the team, the next question to ask is, “Where are we going?” What is your company’s mission? It is essential for everyone to share a clearly defined target, and it is the responsibility of the leader to effectively communicate that goal to the team. The common goal will provide direction and focus.

3. Rules of the Game

Can you imagine winning a game if you didn’t know the rules? Employees often lack motivation and productivity because the expectations are unclear. The rules must be written down and available to them. Rules can include specifying company culture and values, as well as ensuring that individual roles and responsibilities are defined with positional contracts, and operations and procedures manuals.

4. Action Plan

A strong plan of action is key to achieving your goals. An action plan should spell out in clear and unambiguous terms specific actions that need to take place in order for your goals to be achieved. A good action plan assigns ownership to tasks, identifies what resources are required, sets timelines for when tasks should be completed and provides measurement details of the current status of tasks over the defined period of time.

5. Support Risk Taking

Winning leaders embrace change, and the whole team follows suit. They are proactive planners who understand business is about risk and reward. If the leader does not allow risk-taking, the business will lag behind market leaders. Winning teams will always be willing to stretch to their limits, try new things and even make mistakes!

6. 100% Involvement/Inclusion

Strong teams have the “we are one” mentality. Members must choose to participate 100%. Leadership must also drive communication to all members of the team. Make involvement and inclusion part of your organization’s culture.

Every key is essential for maximizing your team performance. Get these keys in place and go out there and win the game!

What are your team challenges? At ActionCOACH, there are a number of tool and strategies we use to facilitate enhanced team performance. Reach out to learn more about using the DISC assessment in your organization. DISC is a behavior assessment tool that centers on four different behavioral traits: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Consciences. By identifying these behavioral traits in your team members, you can help provide each individual with the tools they need to succeed. Contact us to learn more.

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August 12, 2016

6 Keys to a Winning Team