Ask an Accelerate ActionCOACH

Our Accelerate ActionCOACH business coaches have answered five common questions that many potential clients ask when determining if a business coach is right for them. Learn more below:

Q1:          What are the top three reasons why business owners hire you?

Business owners hire us for many reasons. The most common reason why business owners bring us on board is to improve profit. Other reasons include to implement accountability, to prepare their business to sell, and to build a productive team.

Q2:          Are you frequently hired to address personal issues?

We are rarely hired to specifically address personal issues that may be going on in a business owner’s life, but we often help clients through personal matters pertaining to work-life balance or family conflict that may affect the company.

Q3:          What do your clients look for in a coach?

While Accelerate ActionCOACH business coaches are certified ActionCOACHes, and Coach Tina Howell is a John Maxwell Certified Team Member, we’ve found that many of our clients also value experience and confidence. Accelerate ActionCOACH has been around for 10 years, business owners just like you continue to grow and reach their business goals year after year.

Q4:          Who do you work closest within your clients’ organizations?

We work with different people in the organization depending on the program the client has in place. We work directly with the current business owner and key managers throughout the one-to-one coaching process. We involve Human Resources and individual team members when doing teambuilding and training exercises. We also have a program where we work directly with key managers to teach them how to think like a business owner.

Q5:          How long is the typical duration of your one-to-one coaching program?

On average, clients work with us between 12 to 23 months. We don’t have a cut-and-dry cutoff for one-to-one coaching, because each business is unique and requires different levels of coaching.

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