No Business Left Behind: Melanie Cowan

Tell us about your business:

My name is Melanie Cowan. I own Weber Real Estate here in Centerville, Iowa. I have sold real estate since 2005 when I obtained my real estate license. In 2008, I went back to class and got my brokers license and had the opportunity to purchase Weber Real Estate in the fall of 2013. 

What is your target audience? Where does your expertise lie in the real estate market? 

My expertise is in single-family residential buying and selling. So, that’s pretty much what I work. I do have some commercial property and do land real estate sales and transactions also. 

What geographic area is your primary area of focus? 

Appanoose County is my primary focus and I do work in the surrounding three counties. Which is Wayne, Monroe and Davis. That includes Rathbun lake area, too.

What’s been the biggest impact to your business due to COVID-19?

The biggest impact is our inventory is low because people are not wanting a lot of people into their homes. The other great thing is when the $1,200 stimulus came out its made us have a lot of active buyers because they have the money to now help pay for their down payment and closing cost. 

There are people out there that if it were not for COVID that would be more open to the idea of showing their home, but they are so afraid of COVID that they do not even want people inside their home so they are not even showing their home or listing it?

Yes, they are very reluctant to have people come in. And a lot of people ask you to now remove your shoes, wear a mask and of course not to touch anything. 

What actions have you taken to offset that? 

Typically what I tell people is you know we go in and we try to keep as many safety measures as we can. We limit to people not bringing their children because kids are tending to touch everything. But what I find is that if people really find the home that they want, they tend to touch everything. And you know once they touch and feel everything that gives you a sense that that is the home they really want to be in. 

Have you thought of any other actions you might take, like taking more interior videos and put them on your website or Facebook? 

Not really, buyers still just want to go and look. It hasn’t affected buyers really coming and looking. It’s the people just don’t want the others in their home. What they have done is typically just taken their house off the market, which then has reduced our inventory even more.  

I have shown houses to some people that have wore gloves because if they do want to touch something. They have the gloves on so they know that they aren’t going to spread anything they might have on their hands. 

Have you noticed what other realtors have done to face this same situation?

We have talked about it in some Zoom meetings and we are all taken pretty much the same precautions. Everyone is kinda on the same page to help each other out. 

How we can get ahold of you.

A: You can get a hold of me through my website, my email address is I always have my cell phone available: (641) 895-0985. As a real estate agent, if you don’t have your phone available 24/7 there is always that chance of missing out on something.

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