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How Will You Benefit from Joining an ActionBOARD?

ActionBOARD program is a great resource for small business owners to tap into all of the resources offered by a Board of Directors.

A Senior – Level Team

ActionBOARD is made up of 8 to 12 business owners from non-competing industries. Each month, members focus on one individual goal, issue and challenge. The board works on each one collectively. Instead of doing it alone, you can rely on the cumulative experience of the board in finding a solution that will work for the business.

New Month, New Topic

ActionBOARD members focus on a key business area each month such as sales, marketing, team building, communication, advertising, finances, and time mastery. The lessons learned from looking at these issues objectively and from the perspective of each owner allow you to walk out of the meetings with actionable strategies that you can use to immediately impact your business.

By Invitation Only

The Board membership is by invitation only due to the nature of it and the types of topics discussed. New Board members are accepted only after receiving approval from existing members. Trust is critical for an effective board. Membership evaluation and awareness that discussions are confidential are crucial. Members must sign a detailed confidentiality agreement. As a result, you have the confidence that allows everyone to engage in full open dialogue and problem-solving.

Fast Track Your Business Results

ActionBOARD is designed to prevent you from having to learn from your mistakes and to instead learn to avoid the mistakes of others. This will create new opportunities to happen.

This is a time to work ON your business rather than IN your business!

Other benefits of ActionBOARD

• Build valuable relationships

• Solve problems

• Learn profitable strategies to grow your business

• Brainstorm ideas

• Network with like-minded business owners

• Opportunities to attend educational monthly workshops

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If you are interested in joining, contact us today. Due to the confidential nature of our ActionBOARDs, we will meet with you to determine which board would suit you best and will reach out to current members for your membership approval.