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Your team deserves to learn and benefit from an ActionCOACH, too! Include them in a workshop or seminar at your business!

Accelerate ActionCOACH Business Coaching’s workshops/seminars are designed to engage and educate your team, professional clients and strategic partners on topics important to improving business. These workshops/seminars are interactive and can be modified to fit your schedule. Past workshops/seminars have been used for client lunch-and-learns, office sales meetings, and as keynote presentations at business conferences.

Educational workshop topics include, but are not limited to…

• All About The Profit

• Profit Maximizer

• Increasing Profits

• How To Build a Business You Can Sell

• Build a Profitable Business That Works Without You

• Time Management

• Goal Setting

• Creating a Strategic Plan

• Customer Service

• Creating a Vision, Mission & Culture

• Build a Winning Team

• Use DISC in Your Business

• Implementing Metrics & Dashboards

• A Sales Process to Sell

• Writing Your USP & Guarantee

Featured Seminars:

    1. 5 Ways to Massive Profit:

      What is keeping your business from peak performance? With the “5 Ways to Massive Profits” workshop, you will develop the confidence to take immediate action when you learn the key to growth!

      What You’ll Learn:

      • What are the “5 Ways” to Massive Profits?
      • How can I easily grow my profits by more than 61%?
      • What tools can I use to measure how well I am doing?
      • How could my beliefs about marketing be hurting me?
      • Which of the 350+ strategies available for improving my profit will work for me?

    2. 6 Steps to Massive Results:

      Learn how to make your business work so that you don’t have to! Don’t you owe it to yourself to invest some of your time learning how your business can reach its full potential?

      What You’ll Learn:

      • How to work ON your business instead of IN your business
      • How to turn your advertising and marketing into an investment inside of an expense
      • How to leverage your time to maximize efficiency and profits
      • How to recruit, motivate, educate and retain exceptional employees