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Introducing the Performance Gap Indicator™ – The only employee survey assessment to analyze company-wide performance across 5 non-financial KPIs.

The Performance Gap Indicator™ combines anonymous individual employee responses from a 45-question survey and analyzes the results across 5 core performance areas called Non-Financial Key Performance Indicators (NF-KPIs). Each credit purchased equals one participant response. Responses are compiled into one client group-report for overall company-wide performance data.

Leverage multiple assessment links to collect and organize responses by team, location, or department to provide comparative sub-reports. The number of company-wide and sub-reports is limitless!

Two Available Reporting Options:

      • PGI Diagnostic – the quentessential foot-in-the-door assessment to identify and measure company-wide performance gaps.
      • PGI Pulse – the follow-up assessment to quantify performance improvement, confirm ROI, and implement regular interval reporting

The Performance Gap Indicator™ Helps:

              • Collect Anonymous Employee Feedback: Provide a safe space to create honest dialogue. Straight talk is the starting point to improvement.
              • Gain Clarity & Focus: No more gut reactions. Know exactly where to focus your resources.
              • Leverage Leading KPIs: Non-Financial KPIs are the leading indicators of business success. Learn to leverage what makes a difference.
              • Identify High-Impact Opportunities: Execute with laser precision. Compete at a level the competition doesn’t even know exists.
              • Take Immediate Action: Consider the PGI as Triage for your business. Identify your “Urgent Action Required” Issues.
              • Measure Improvement & ROI: Quantify results and verify progress to confirm performance improvement.


Download our PGI Informational sheet