Time for Some Changes in the New Year?

The average New Year’s Resolution lasts 21 days. Have you broken yours already? What about a business goal that requires a change in habit outside of your comfort zone? After the year we’ve had, a lot of important matters may be out of your control. For a better 2021, focus on changing what you CAN control, including your effort, energy, enthusiasm and discipline.

Long-term change can be extraordinarily difficult to
achieve. We’re hardwired to hold ourselves back, and our fear of failure often
self-sabotages our best efforts before we even begin. But, with this simple
formula, it is easier to understand the work and mindset you need to achieve
the life or business goals you would like to have.

The Formula for Change: (D x V) + F > R

  • D = Dissatisfaction
  • V = Vision
  • F = First Step
  • R = Resistance

If you’re not
dissatisfied, you won’t be motivated enough to make the change.

Dissatisfaction is one of the driving forces that disrupt the
comfort of your life or business in order to make a long-term change. Frustration
with the status quo triggers change. Great leaders in history like Martin
Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela, and innovators in business like Jeff Bezos and
Steve Jobs, are key examples of how dissatisfaction propels action to change
the way things have “always been done.” On a smaller scale, every day, we experience
dissatisfied workers quitting their jobs, unhappy relationships heading for
break-ups, and individuals making life-altering decisions to improve their
current situation.

You also need a strong
vision of what you want your life or business to look like after making the

You can’t make it to your destination if you don’t know
where you’re going. People who accomplish great things start with a clear
vision of what they want, and then they follow that vision relentlessly. Start
by dreaming big and writing down what you’d regret most if you didn’t
accomplish it in your life or business. You may be surprised at the thoughts
that surface – goals that you’ve pushed aside because they seemed unattainable,
or ideas you once dreamt about but had almost forgotten. Refine your thoughts
to a few accomplishments that mean the most to you. From there, you’ll be able
to identify what changes you need to make to get yourself there.

Don’t forget the parenthesis
around (D x V)!

Dissatisfaction and vision are not mutually exclusive. You
need both to make change happen. If you are dissatisfied but don’t know where
you see yourself in the future, you’re not going to know where to start making
changes. Similarly, if you have a grand vision of what you want your
life/business to be, but you’re happy with your current situation, you won’t
have the motivation to make the changes needed to get you there.

Next, understand where your resistance is coming from.

The number one resistance factor of making a change is fear.
But it’s important to understand that it’s not actual fear that is holding you
back. It’s the made-up story that you continually tell yourself of what will go
wrong if you make the change. ActionCOACH’s founder and CEO, Brad Sugars,
defines fear as “False Expectations Appearing Real.” You have handled 100% of
what has happened to you so far (the good and the bad). You will be able to
handle whatever life throws at you in the future. When you’re ready to make a significant
change, the fear of staying the same will be greater than the fear of making
the change. Embrace the unknown and the nervous flutters – feel the fear and do
it anyway.

Change begins by taking the first step.

What concrete steps can you take toward your vision? Vision
without action is no more than a castle in the air, a great idea without a
roadmap. Even the tallest mountains are climbed by taking one step and then
another. As the great Martin Luther King Jr. stated, “Faith is taking the first
step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” Start by identifying one to
three actions you need to take to be closer to achieving your goal. After taking
that one step, continue to make further changes until your dream is a reality.

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