‘Tis The Season For Significance

It’s a busy time of year. You may find yourself working hard to finish fourth quarter off strong, or checking off personal goals you have set for yourself in 2018. We all had the typical New Years resolutions for bettering ourselves this past year, whether it was to hit the gym more or to make more money than the year before. Did you have a resolution for bettering others around you?

John Maxwell describes success as “Knowing your purpose in life, growing to your maximum potential sowing seeds that benefit others.” In order to have success, you must do something significant to others. He urges us to give back and share our wealth of knowledge, influence, time and resources with others to reap the rewards of significance.

Success without significance leads to selfish motives. Instead of looking at those around you and thinking, “What can they do to help me?,” ask, “What can I do to help them?” By adding value to others, you’ll find you’ve added value to yourself.

If you are racking your brain trying to think of a time you were significant this year, it is not too late to start! The holidays are a great time to begin your journey to significance because it is the season of giving.

Follow the four steps to significance:

  1. Decide you want to make a difference
  2. Do something that makes a difference…
  3. … With people who want to make a difference…
  4. … At a time that makes a difference!

So, what are you doing of significance this holiday season? How will you make a difference this holiday season? Start now, and put significance as a priority in 2019. You will be surprised at how much more successful you will become when you are significant to others!

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