Work On not In Your Business

You’ve spent an untold number of hours building your business plan. Perhaps it’s your first. Perhaps, it’s the 15th year you’ve revised it and are determined this year, not to just leave it on the shelf to collect dust while you put out another “fire”. How easy would it be to take all that great planning you worked so hard to accomplish and break it down into manageable chunks? Think of achieving short-term goals as a constant dress-rehearsal for the “big show”.

While the year is halfway over, it is not too late to take your annual business plan and create 90-day goals to help you get to where you want to be in 2018. Now is the time to revisit your annual plan, reflect on your progress on the first half of the year, and create the check-points you’ll need to accomplish to stay on track with your goals. After all, did you just wake up the morning after you started your business expecting your goals to be achieved? Why not start toward your vision with a short-term, intermediate plan?

What difference would it make in your business if every 90 days, once per quarter, you could sit down and develop the goals, strategies, tasks and timelines needed to help you realize those larger goals in measured steps? Breaking your plan into manageable parts allows you to see your results sooner, make adjustments as needed and continue toward success. Isn’t measuring results along the way, much more desirable than coming to the end of the year and asking “what happened?”

Take a dust buster to your business plan by building your own intermediate 90-day plan and attend Accelerate ActionCOACH’s 90-day planning workshop. You’ll find the difference in your business will be the difference between playing the violin after two lessons and being the featured soloist with your local symphony orchestra. Join us for quarter 3’s 90-Day Planning Workshop on Thursday, June 8th at the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce (2830 100th St #110, Urbandale, IA 50322) from 8:30 a.m. to noon. You do not have to be a Chamber member to attend.

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